verb ii 17
(surface of ocean, lake, river) it is calm
Verb Stem : woluwipon-
Changed Verb Stem : weluwipon-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Yut kehs-al tuwapi, elapotom 'samaqan eci-woluwipok, woluwipon. So many times I look out my window and I see that the water is very calm, it is calm. (SC)
Kisihpihtit, on yaq mihtaqsol naci-qiluwahan witapiyil weci-kisamehtit naka nspiw 'cuspeskaniya, tokec woluwipok spasuwiw. After they have eaten, her father goes off to look for his friend, so they can go fishing if it's nice in the morning, and at the same time go after porpoise. (MES)
Eci-woluwipok sepay. The water was so calm this morning.
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