Portal Credits

Portal Development and Design

Concept: Robert Leavitt
Ben Levine
Julia Schulz


UNB Libraries

University of New Brunswick Fredericton, NB:
Jacob Sanford, Senior Technical Operations Manager
Jeremy McDermott, Web Developer
Jeff Carter, Manager, Systems Group
Monica Currie, Designer
Previous contributions by: Erik Moore, Geoffrey Allen, Jason Nugent, Jennifer Whitney and Stephen Sloan
PenBay Media: Heidi Hunt, Project Manager
Jay Philoon, Technical Lead
Caleb Winslow, Software Engineer
Speaking Place, Rockland, ME: Ben Levine and Julia Schulz - filming and editing
Robert Leavitt - project linguist and educational designer
Corey Norman, Daniel Quintanilla, Ryan Shepheard, Heidi Ann Perkins - editors and IT
Ian Larson - photography and Portal concept development
Robert “Sam” Hunting - software consultant
Sarah Szwajkos, Josh Taylor - additional photography