Entry Definition
s/he, it comes through from there quickly (e.g., bicyclist through tunnel)
light shines through h/, s/he is translucent or transparent; s/he wears something one can see through
(shoe, sock) water or dampness comes through h/, it
through (in particular, passing through a substance or atmospheric condition, etc.; e.g., cloth, glass, wall, filter, fog, darkness)
(liquid) it flows through, trickles through
s/he, it bleeds through
s/he, it is chilled through
s/he is chilled to bone; (shirt, etc.) cold comes through h/
(fence, wall, etc.) wind or breeze or draft goes through it
(filter, sieve) liquid goes through h/, it
the heat of h/ body comes through
it is chilled all the way through; (hat, wall) cold comes through it
(garment) draft comes through h/, it; (fabric) s/he, it lets cold come through
s/he walks through (fog, darkness, etc.)
s/he got through it, can get through it
s/he fits through (e.g., window, hole, etc.)
s/he slithers through difficult passage (obstacle course, barbed wire, etc.) taking care not to get any part of body caught on something
s/he pokes through it (existing hole) by feel
into; passing through boundary (doorway, hole, border, etc.)
into; in or out through boundary (doorway, hole, border, etc.)
through a narrow opening or passage
s/he peers through something belonging to h/
s/he stabs it right through
s/he looks through h/, sees through h/, s/he understands h/ perfectly
s/he sees or looks through it; s/he understands it perfectly, sees what's involved in it (e.g., math problem)