Entry Definition
s/he climbs it hurriedly
s/he climbs hurriedly; s/he speaks awkwardly
s/he arrives hurriedly, arrives at that moment
s/he walks hurriedly to there
s/he departs or sets out with hurried and audible steps
s/he throws it on (clothing), puts it on hurriedly (e.g., while walking out the door)
s/he works steadily or continuously, works hurriedly (because of need)
in a hurry, hurriedly
they (two) walk fast, walk hurriedly
s/he takes h/ by boat in a hurry, rushes h/ by boat
s/he takes it by boat in a hurry
s/he works hurriedly
s/he leaves or departs hurriedly
s/he dresses hurriedly while moving along (e.g., while going out the door)
s/he buys it in a hurry
s/he buys h/ in a hurry
s/he walks fast, walks hurriedly
s/he throws it fast, throws it hurriedly
in a hurry, in haste
s/he ferries h/ in a great hurry
s/he leaves in a hurry
s/he walks fast, walks hurriedly