Entry Definition
s/he sews it using fancy stitch
s/he sews h/ (e.g., shirt) using fancy stitch
s/he sews with closely spaced or short stitches; s/he weaves closely, does fine weaving
s/he stitches it closed
s/he stitches h/ up, stitches h/ closed; (surgeon) s/he sews h/ up (after operation)
s/he stitches thus, sews with stitches of that length; s/he weaves thus
(sewing) s/he bastes it, sews it with long stitches
h/ sews with stitches that are far apart or long; weaves over and under several warp threads at a time
s/he sews h/ (garment, etc.); s/he stitches h/ up, gives h/ stitches (patient)
s/he sews fast, stitches quickly; s/he weaves fast