Entry Definition
h/ hair is knotted up (in order to curl it, or from being tangled)
s/he knots h/ hair (in order to curl it); s/he tangles h/ hair in knots
s/he tangles h/ into knots (rope, shoelace, etc.)
s/he knots it (sweetgrass, hair, etc.)
knot (in rope, etc.)
s/he ties it (knot)
s/he ties h/ up with many knots or strings; s/he tangles h/ up (in string, etc.); s/he winds h/ up (e.g., as spider would do to fly)
s/he ties it up with many knots or strings; s/he tangles, winds it up (in string, etc.)
s/he tangles (etc.) something belonging to h/
s/he ties or knots (something) securely or permanently; s/he knits or crochets, does macramé
stub of lopped-off branch, knot (in wood); club (LM)