Entry Definition
s/he forces or pries it open, forces open what contains or covers it
s/he forces or pries h/ open, forces open what contains or covers h/
s/he forces it open
s/he forces open something belonging to h/
s/he forces it
s/he forces h/ (to do something); (as euphemism) he forces his way into her, assaults her sexually, rapes her
s/he is defiant, disobeys; s/he forces way through (e.g., in deep snow, mud)
using force; forcing self, in spite of self (in spite of one's fears, etc.); teasingly, jokingly, in fun
s/he forces it open
s/he makes it against will, against orders; s/he forces self to make it
s/he tries to overcome h/ by force
s/he peels strips of ash from h/ (log) by brute force; s/he strikes non-overlapping marks on h/ (ash log being pounded for basket splints)
person who purposely pounds an ash log for basket splints without overlapping the blows (to save time, planning to peel off the strips by force; splints are difficult to remove in this way without damaging them)
s/he forces way in, breaks in, barges in; s/he intrudes
s/he teases or ridicules h/; forces h/ by speaking to h/
s/he forces self to pray
s/he forces way out, breaks out (e.g., from jail)
s/he forces it out (pushing it)
s/he forces h/ out (pushing h/); s/he forces h/ to move out
s/he forces h/ to go out
s/he forces it out
s/he forces way in (bodily)
s/he crams it full, stuffs it by force
s/he forces h/ to drink
s/he forces self to approach it