Entry Definition
although, even though; despite the fact that
even if, even though; in spite of, despite
s/he takes office in spite of something (opposition, regulations, accusations, behavior, etc.)
using force; forcing self, in spite of self (in spite of one's fears, etc.); teasingly, jokingly, in fun
s/he does it despite danger or risk
s/he stands up to it despite fear or dread of it
s/he fights against h/ despite own fears, etc.; s/he rapes h/
s/he fights against it despite own fears, etc.
s/he accepts it reluctantly, accepts it in spite of misgivings about it
s/he goes ahead in spite of bad conditions, roadblock, etc.
s/he keeps on in spite of obstacle, difficulty, adversity; s/he endures (something)
s/he works in spite of something; s/he is joker or teaser