Entry Definition
s/he tries to overcome h/ by force
s/he overpowers it, overcomes it
s/he easily overcomes it, gets to it or reaches it easily
s/he kicks it thus, kicks it to there; s/he steps or stamps or stomps on it with foot; s/he applies force or weight of body to it (by jumping, standing, leaning, pushing, etc. on it); s/he dances it thus; (figuratively) s/he confronts it, overcomes it, etc.
s/he overcomes it (obstacle), accomplishes it
s/he overcomes something belonging to h/
s/he overpowers it, overcomes it, conquers it (illness, evil power, etc.)
(wrestler, motewolon) s/he overpowers h/, overcomes h/, bests h/, conquers h/
s/he gets past h/ (someone who is blocking way, watchdog, etc.); s/he overcomes h/ (physically); (inverse forms only) s/he, it gives h/ diarrhea, goes right through h/
s/he overcomes it, assuages it (see examples)
s/he is suddenly happy, is overcome by joy, is wide-eyed with happiness