Entry Definition
s/he it slides or rolls downhill
(ball, rock) s/he, it rolls toward here
s/he, it rolls fast, goes fast on wheels
s/he wrapped h/, can wrap h/ (something stick-like in paper, plastic, etc.); s/he rolled h/, can roll h/ (cigarette)
s/he wrapped it, can wrap it in paper, plastic, etc.; s/he rolled it up, can roll it up (something stick-like)
s/he wrapped or rolled up something belonging to h/; s/he can wrap or roll up something belonging to h/
s/he, it rolls uphill
it is rolled up, it is wrapped in paper, etc. (usually, something stick-like)
hand-rolled cigarette
s/he, it rolls thus, there
rolling pin
s/he, it starts to roll, rolls away
s/he, it rolls slowly
(ship, etc.) it rolls and pitches, it lurches
s/he, it rolls downhill
s/he, it slides downhill; (car, truck) it coasts downhill, rolls downhill
s/he rolls it up, s/he wraps it in paper, etc. (something stick-like)
s/he wraps or rolls up something belonging to h/
s/he rolls h/ (ball, etc.)
s/he rolls it (rock, etc.)
s/he rolls it to h/; s/he rolls something belonging to h/
s/he, it rolls away
s/he, it rolls far
s/he, it rolls along
s/he hits it causing it to roll along