Entry Definition
s/he is well behaved; s/he listens (obeys)
(man, boy, young girl) s/he behaves like woman
s/he behaves, acts; (theater) s/he acts
s/he behaves like white or English person
s/he behaves roughly, is boisterous or rowdy
s/he behaves in particular way
s/he behaves like sick person
s/he is strange in behavior
s/he behaves strangely
s/he behaves or acts badly; s/he is mean
s/he has set way of behaving
s/he behaves thus
s/he acts thus, behaves thus; s/he has such and such a nature
s/he acts or behaves just like (someone or something); behaves exactly the same
s/he acts or behaves differently from what was expected
s/he acts or behaves differently, h/ ways are different; s/he behaves eccentrically, h/ ways are quirky; (man, woman) s/he is homosexual, is gay
s/he behaves like chief
(conjunct forms only) the way s/he behaves; (as only verb, also) h/ behavior is extreme, s/he has quick temper
s/he behaves self, is still
s/he behaves like child, is childish
s/he acts or comports self appropriately; h/ deeds, thoughts, feelings, etc. are evident from h/ posture
s/he acts or behaves like animal
s/he is good person; s/he is discreet, behaves well
s/he acts or behaves devilishly