Entry Definition
(drill sergeant) s/he gives orders that must be obeyed
s/he orders h/ around, gives h/ orders; s/he directs h/ (to do something)
s/he controls h/, orders h/ around, tells h/ what to do and what not to do, henpecks h/
s/he is very noisy, is very loud; what s/he says goes; (military) s/he gives orders
s/he orders h/ to leave
s/he orders h/ to do different things, s/he orders h/ around
s/he orders it to do different things (e.g., using remote control with TV or appliance); s/he reads various kinds of it
s/he tells or orders h/ to go out, calls to h/ to come out
s/he issues orders, gives commands
s/he gives it an order or command, tells it to do something; s/he reads it thus, counts it thus
s/he puts it in order (paper, page, etc.)
it is in order, it is arranged correctly
s/he is boss; s/he commands, gives orders
s/he is giving directions; s/he gives instructions or orders