Entry Definition
s/he is well behaved; s/he listens (obeys)
s/he listens, s/he obeys
s/he listens to it, heeds it
s/he listens on h/ behalf (e.g., listens for h/ taxi to arrive)
s/he listens to h/, heeds h/, obeys h/
hey!, listen!, hark!; look!, give heed!, pay attention!
hey!, listen!, look!
s/he eavesdrops, listens secretly
s/he listens for it (turning ear in various directions)
s/he listens for something belonging to h/
s/he doesn't take it seriously, finds it unconvincing, finds it uninteresting (what is being said)
s/he does not take h/ seriously, s/he finds h/ unconvincing or uninteresting (listening to what another person says)
s/he listens intently to h/, pays attention to h/
s/he minds well, is obedient, can take orders from others; s/he listens well, pays close attention, heeds
s/he gets angry at it as result of listening to it; (in translation) the sound of it makes h/ angry
s/he goes (comes) to listen to it
s/he goes (comes) to listen to h/
s/he hears it or listens to it as it moves farther and farther away, hears its sound fading away in the distance
s/he listens as s/he goes along
s/he listens to it as s/he goes along
(insult) s/he is extremely thick-headed; s/he does not listen, cannot learn
s/he is tired of hearing h/ talking, is tired of listening to h/
it is tiring to listen to
s/he listens to it attentively, listens to it, obeys it
s/he obeys or listens attentively to something belonging to or said by h/