Entry Definition
s/he marks it with dot(s) or spot(s)
(cheetah, horse, shirt, wall, paper, etc.) s/he, it is dappled, is spotted, is mottled; s/he is pebbled
s/he sees or catches sight of it quickly (i.e., spots it with little difficulty)
s/he looks at h/; s/he spots h/
s/he looks at it; s/he spots it
s/he puts spot(s) on h/; s/he dots h/ (letter i or j)
s/he puts spot(s) or dot(s) on it
h/ secret spot, h/ place (e.g., secret fishing hole or berry-picking place)
in, at, to one place
it is spotted or dotted all over
it is hit so hard as to leave little marks all over (e.g., window hit with mud, car struck by hail)
h/ spot (where s/he usually hides or rests, where s/he stays when not doing something); h/ bed
it has white spots or dots
s/he puts white spot(s) or dot(s) on it