Entry Definition
s/he sews with closely spaced or short stitches; s/he weaves closely, does fine weaving
s/he has short hair
s/he cuts h/ hair short, trims h/ hair
(something small and stick-like) it is short
s/he cuts it short, curtails it, abbreviates it (something string-like, story, etc.)
(something string-like or extending through time) s/he is short
(something string-like, story, etc.) it is short
(something sheet-like, cloth) it is short
(person) s/he is short (standing up)
it is small and short
s/he, it is short
it is a short day, the day is short
s/he takes short steps
coffee table, any piece of furniture with short legs
s/he runs out of money
s/he runs short of it (money, food, clothing)
s/he stops running before reaching finish-line
s/he short-sheets it (bed)
(rug) s/he is too short, doesn't extend far enough
running out, falling short, not enough
before ending, before reaching its intended terminus or destination, falling short; lowly, disparagingly
it falls short in size or extension (e.g., shingle that does not reach marked line)
(rope) s/he falls short in length, is not long enough
before ending; falling short
she wears short dress or short skirt