Entry Definition
(baseball) ball thrown low
children's game formerly played at Sipayik in which players throw a ball back and forth over the roof of a house so that it rolls down the far side; if an opposing player catches the ball before it hits the ground, s/he can come around and chase and try to hit the person who threw the ball; if s/he is successful, then the one who gets hit must throw the ball again; the thrower shouts, "Enyupal!" when throwing the ball; if the ball fails to go over, the thrower shouts, "Katekon!"
(sports, games) ball
s/he plays ball (especially, baseball)
s/he uses it as ball
(baseball) ball thrown high
(baseball) ball thrown straight
(pool, billiards) cue ball
(animate) bicycle, tricycle, bowling-ball; (inanimate) skateboard
(animal, person) s/he is curled up into ball
s/he gathers h/ into ball (soft substance)
s/he gathers h/ into ball
s/he gathers it into ball
(animal, person) s/he curls up into ball
(baseball; pitch outside strike zone) ball
(falling or flying object) it goes off course; (pitched baseball) s/he is a ball (as opposed to a strike)
ball player (esp. baseball player)
baseball; yarn-ball (home-made baseball)
(baseball; catcher) s/he signals for curve ball
bowling ball; (spinning toy) top
(animal, person) s/he has curled self up into ball; s/he is hunched over
(Sipayik, children's games) ball made by rewrapping the rubber core of an old baseball with the yarn from the same ball and sewing it with thread to prevent its unraveling (used to play "yarn-ball" with a broom-handle bat); ball made by tying the core of an old baseball inside a sock tied and folded, back and forth, over the ball (used also as hockey puck)