Entry Definition
(hole, entrance, mouth of roaring lion, etc.) it is loud and scary-looking
s/he plays it full blast, turns it up as loud as possible (radio, etc.)
s/he laughs loud
s/he talks loud, speaks in loud voice (when a quieter voice is more appropriate, as in church or in conversation about private matters)
s/he makes loud noise, is naturally noisy
loud, loudly; loud and frightening
they insult each other loudly, argue loudly with each other
it is noisy, is loud
s/he yells, makes loud noise
s/he makes loud noise(s)
s/he talks loudly to it, yells at it
s/he says it loud
s/he says it loud to h/
(dog) s/he barks loudly
s/he outshouts h/
s/he is loud, is boisterous
s/he argues vehemently, protests loudly
s/he has loud voice, is loud; s/he is loudmouth
s/he has loud voice
prominent, standing out, sticking out; loud; (prenoun) genuine, authentic, true, truly
s/he turns it up, plays it louder (radio, music, etc.)
it makes loud noise, it resounds; it sounds loud; it is a loud noise
s/he talks big, talks loud
s/he drowns out others w/ voice, speaks so loudly that others cannot be heard
s/he is very noisy, is very loud; what s/he says goes; (military) s/he gives orders