Entry Definition
s/he provides h/ with clothing
clothing taken off (when putting on fresh clothing)
s/he changes clothes
s/he hangs clothes over something to dry (without using clothespins)
s/he hangs clothes to dry; (cormorant) s/he holds wings out to dry
s/he tears off all h/ clothing, rips h/ clothes off h/
s/he takes h/ clothes; s/he strips h/ of parts (e.g., bicycle)
s/he takes clothes off clothesline
s/he holds h/ (garment); s/he holds h/ (person) by clothing
s/he washes clothes, does laundry
s/he washes clothes for h/, does laundry for h/
s/he takes or brings in clothes from clothesline
piece of clothing, garment
s/he dresses in thick clothing, s/he wears a lot of clothes (usually, to keep warm)
s/he has finished hanging clothes to dry
s/he has run out of clean clothing (i.e., needs to do laundry)
h/ style of clothing is behind the times, is out of date, is dowdy
s/he wears any old clothes (old clothes, clothes that don't fit well, don't match, etc.)
h/ clothing is covered with grease; (garment, carpet) s/he is greasy
(mechanic, railroad engineer, cook) s/he has greasy clothing (from working with grease or oil)
s/he wears dirty clothes, has dirty clothes on
article of clothing, garment
h/ clothes stink; (garment, cloth) s/he stinks
(garment, cloth) it stinks
s/he takes clothes off clothesline