Entry Definition
(rope, string) s/he becomes tangled by flapping around
(something string-like) it becomes tangled by flapping around
s/he shoots at it causing it to flap loosely (flag, awning, etc.)
(sheet, garment) s/he, it flaps; (person) s/he wears various styles of clothing, s/he moves clothing in various ways (e.g., adjusting or straightening it)
(cloth, flag, etc.) it is heard flapping in the wind (but is not seen)
(jacket, etc.) s/he is heard flapping or slapping
(flag, etc.) it is heard flapping or snapping (but is not seen)
(clothing, etc.) water drips from it as result of its flapping in wind
(cloth, flag, etc.) it is flapping, waving
the end of h/ is flapping
the end of it is flapping
(cloth, paper) s/he, it flaps, waves
(flag, curtain, garment) it is blowing or flapping in the wind
(flag, etc.) it is flapping or snapping
door-flap, cloth hung over doorway
diaper; breechcloth, loincloth; (wolekehsis) flap of birchbark under gunwale at bow of canoe, which protects ends of gunwale wrappings and also bears canoe-maker's mark