Entry Definition
(baseball) s/he changes pitching arm
s/he restrains h/ by bracing with arm(s)
s/he restrains it by bracing with arm(s)
s/he has stiff arm(s) or hand(s)
s/he carries h/ under arm; s/he supports h/ by holding h/ arm or elbow
s/he carries something belonging to h/ under arm
s/he carries it (them) under both arms
s/he takes h/ by arm (putting arm around h/ or through h/ arm)
s/he takes h/ by the arm
s/he carries it under one arm
using just one arm
s/he holds h/ by arm, takes h/ by arm, is arm-in-arm with h/
s/he washes h/ arm(s)
s/he has weak arm(s) or hand(s)
s/he has oily or greasy legs or arms or pant-legs or sleeves (e.g., from oil spilling)
s/he has strong hand(s) or arm(s)
s/he rips h/ hand(s) or arm(s) off
s/he sets or arms it (trap, alarm); cocks it (gun)
s/he sets or arms something belonging to h/ (trap, alarm); s/he cocks something belonging to h/ (gun)
h/ arm(s) are uncovered or exposed
h/ hand; h/ forearm, h/ arm (including hand)
h/ arm (excluding hand)
s/he has arms folded
the flesh under h/ arm sags
h/ arm or hand is broken, h/ arms or hands are broken