Entry Definition
s/he is tense, holds self tense or rigid or stiff; s/he braces self; s/he has feeling that s/he is being talked about (and is embarrassed or nervous)
s/he confuses or embarrasses h/ by talking
inappropriately outspoken person (one who embarrasses others, interrupts, etc.)
s/he embarrasses h/ in front of others
s/he flirts, moves in flirtatious way; s/he is unsuccessful in something, finds self in embarrassing situation or predicament
s/he embarrasses (someone) intentionally
s/he goes out embarrassed (leaves the room)
s/he fights (against) h/; s/he shames h/; s/he puts h/ in embarrassing situation, plays dirty trick on h/; (motewolon) s/he puts spell on h/
s/he embarrasses h/ by saying something
s/he is tearfully embarrassed or shy, is so embarrassed that s/he cries
s/he embarrasses h/ by saying something to h/
s/he is shy with h/, feels embarrassed with h/ (e.g., too shy to talk to h/)
s/he is ashamed of h/, is embarrassed about h/; s/he is ashamed or embarrassed to acknowledge h/
s/he is ashamed of it, is embarrassed about it
s/he is ashamed of or embarrassed about something belonging or pertaining to h/
s/he embarrasses h/, makes h/ blush
s/he is shy; s/he is ashamed, is embarrassed
s/he makes embarrassed or shy face, s/he blushes
s/he embarrasses self
s/he shames or embarrasses h/ in public