Entry Definition
s/he tips h/ with paper money
s/he makes money by doing job or selling
s/he has money
s/he gambles, plays for money, bets money
one who bets money, gambler, bettor
they play against each other to win money
it is money-colored (green or silver)
(coins) change; (in general) money
s/he makes money in many ways
s/he has very little money, is poor
s/he asks for payment of money earned; s/he asks for an advance
s/he knows how to get or borrow money from h/
s/he takes all the money from h/ pocket(s), empties h/ pockets completely
s/he runs out of money
s/he puts money in the bank for h/
paper money (collectively)
(Pesk, humorous) Social Security benefit
(Pesk, humorous) Social Security benefit
(metal) silver; silver money (collectively)