Entry Definition
s/he has stiff neck
back of h/ neck is sore
s/he is caught by neck
s/he holds h/ by the neck
s/he hurts h/ neck by holding it too tight
s/he washes h/ neck
s/he washes (own) neck
(bottle) s/he has narrow neck; (man, boy) he has constricted foreskin
s/he has crooked or misshapen neck
s/he has dirty neck
h/ suffers whiplash in neck
h/ nape, back of h/ neck
s/he has long neck
s/he has red neck or nape
s/he is wrapped tightly around neck (e.g., with scarf, bandage)
s/he gives h/ whiplash (e.g., by rear-ending h/)
s/he breaks h/ neck by knocking h/ down or knocking h/ against something
s/he twists or breaks h/ neck off
h/ neck
s/he has white band around neck
s/he has well-formed neck