Entry Definition
(pitched baseball) s/he is downward curving pitch
(baseball) downward breaking pitch
s/he bends over; (pitched baseball) s/he curves downward
downward and forward, downward and head first
(basketmaking) s/he bends downward the standers (vertical splints) of it
down, downward; down to lower position
s/he pushes it downward (basket-weave, to tighten it before binding)
s/he works downward, starts at top and works way down (e.g., painter, Christmas tree decorator)
s/he lowers it quickly (e.g., gun); s/he repositions it quickly downward (usually, with undesirable result; e.g., deflecting gun when pulling trigger)
down, downward; down to lower position
s/he, it moves downward without falling (e.g., by climbing or sliding; not by rolling or by falling through the air)
down, downward
down, downward
s/he, it gradually works way downward, descends a little at a time
(tree) s/he is bent over, slopes downward; s/he is dishonest, is crooked (Ma)