Entry Definition
the ice is breaking up and floating toward here
s/he chips h/ out of the ice
s/he chips it out of ice
(lake, ocean, etc.) the ice is melted and gone, the ice is out
there is thin layer of ice on water, skim ice is forming
(on lake, pond, etc.) the ice has rough surface (not good for skating)
s/he goes under ice
s/he moves across ice as it cracks (on lake, river, etc.)
(ice) s/he is frozen in thick layer
(ice) s/he is frozen in thin layer
s/he propels self across ice on sled by pushing off with ice-picks
s/he walks along on thin ice without falling through
bicycle, tricycle; ice-skate
ice is forming on water (lake, bay, etc.)
ice floe, reef of ice
iceman, ice vendor
it is hailing; there is an ice-storm or any precipitation in the form of pellets of ice and/or hard snow
it is turning into ice
it hails; freezing rain or sleet falls; there is an ice storm; there is crust on the snow; (rain) it freezes forming crust on snow
(lake, puddle, etc., or portion of surface) there is thin layer of ice on it; skim ice forms
(ice) s/he freezes along shore
there is skim ice along edge (of lake, etc.)
there is smooth ice (on lake, etc.)
(on lake, river, etc.) ice forms with rippled surface