Entry Definition
s/he comes toward here underwater
s/he walks (into water) until head is underwater; (sailor) s/he sinks until water covers mast of boat
s/he dives underwater for something belonging to h/
(water) it gets deep suddenly, abruptly; there is body of water at base of cliff; (lake bed, shoreline, etc.) it drops off abruptly, there is steep dropoff underwater
underwater person, water-spirit
s/he starts off underwater
s/he goes (there) underwater
s/he goes along underwater
s/he swims so far underwater, swims underwater for so long a time
s/he swims underwater so far or for so long a time
s/he swims underwater for a long time
s/he is swimming underwater
s/he zigzags through water; s/he swims around underwater
s/he swims around underwater