Entry Definition
s/he dislocates joint in h/ (other person's or animal's) body
s/he dislocates it (joint)
s/he kicks it dislocating its joint
s/he kicks h/ dislocating h/ joint (ankle, etc.)
s/he dislocates h/ (e.g., shoulder, knee); s/he dislocates h/ joint (e.g., opponent in wrestling match)
(body part, joint) s/he, it dislocates
s/he kicks it so hard that it bends at hinge or joint
s/he hits it so hard that it bends at hinge or joint
hinge; joint (of finger, leg, folding chair, etc.)
h/ wrist
h/ joint
jackknife (or other similarly jointed object)
s/he, it bends at joint or hinge; (person, animal, folding chair) s/he, it has joints
s/he, it bends quickly at joint or hinge; (ii; jointed object, especially knife) it snaps shut, shuts unexpectedly
it bends at joint or hinge
s/he bends it (joint, hinge)
s/he bends something belonging to h/ (joint, hinge)
joint activity