Entry Definition
h/ bones feel as if they are dislocating or coming apart
s/he is chilled to bone; (shirt, etc.) cold comes through h/
one whose bone makes loud sound when s/he is hit (e.g., bony person, boxer hit on chin)
s/he hits h/ (e.g., on skull or shin) snapping or breaking h/ bone (and the sound of this can be heard)
s/he shoots it (e.g., bone) and sound of bullet hitting can be heard
s/he eats it down to bone (meat), eats it down to cob (corn)
s/he eats h/ down to bones (e.g., fish), eats h/ down to core (e.g., apple)
h/ leg(s) or bones give out
one who sets bones
ham bone (for soup)
soup-bone (especially ham bone used in soup)
(dog, etc.) s/he is chewing bone
(dog) s/he is carrying bone around from place to place chewing on it