Entry Definition
it is written separately, is drawn separately, is photographed separately
(subject of photograph or drawing) s/he, it is enlarged; (drawing, photograph) it is enlarged; (document, sign, message, etc.) it is written in large letters
s/he, it was or can be written or drawn or photographed
s/he, it is written or drawn thus; s/he, it is depicted or portrayed thus
s/he sits back; s/he sits backward, sits facing back; (letter, number) s/he is written backward
it is written or drawn incorrectly
s/he, it is drawn, is photographed; (text) it is written
book, letter (correspondence), document, any written material
(deed, will, contract, etc.) it is drawn up, is written as legal document
it is crazily written or drawn, is scribbled
s/he, it is well written, is well drawn or photographed; s/he is decorated with beautiful or skillfully executed designs