Entry Definition
s/he convinces h/, persuades h/
s/he is convinced or persuaded
temptation; being convinced or persuaded
s/he doesn't take it seriously, finds it unconvincing, finds it uninteresting (what is being said)
s/he does not take h/ seriously, s/he finds h/ unconvincing or uninteresting (listening to what another person says)
s/he convinces h/ easily
s/he convinces h/ easily
s/he asks h/, urges h/, tries to convince h/ (to do something)
s/he tries to convince h/
s/he is convinced of it, certain of it; s/he assumes it to be true
s/he hires h/ when it is hard to find someone willing to do the task (i.e., convinces h/ to take on the job)
s/he tells truth about h/; s/he persuades h/, convinces h/; s/he makes h/ tell the truth
s/he convinces h/
s/he convinces self