Entry Definition
(house, room) it is small, it has barely enough space
it is partitioned off; (part of house) it is a room; (in stable or barn) it is a stall
(person working in tight or crowded space) s/he looks as if s/he doesn't have enough room
(house, building) its interior walls; number or interior arrangement of its rooms
(wigwam) inner lining made of bark; (house, building, room) inner wall surface including ceiling; (interior space) room, closet; (baseball) dugout; (military) bunker
s/he fits in place, there is room for h/; s/he has had enough of sitting
it fits in place, there is room for it
the layout of its rooms is different (e.g., from that in another house with similar exterior)
it is dark hole, it is dark interior space
it looks dark (inside hole, room, etc.)
its aroma fills house or room
s/he moves aside on bench or chair to make room for someone else; s/he moves chair aside (while sitting in it)
s/he gives h/ room and board
(part of house) room; compartment
in or into the other room; on the other side of partition, hill, border, or other barrier
s/he lives or rooms with h/ (in same house, apartment building, etc.)