Entry Definition
s/he tries to slow down by using feet to resist forward movement (e.g., person trying to keep cart from rolling downhill by leaning back and digging heels into ground); (child) s/he slides along by holding on to bumper of car as it goes along slowly on icy surface
s/he is inactive, slow moving, slow in everything (action, speech, thinking); s/he is apathetic
s/he, it is slow; (person) h/ manner is slow
it looks slow, seems slow
s/he looks slow, seems slow
s/he takes it carefully (e.g., egg from nest); s/he "takes it easy," "takes it slow"
s/he throws slowly; (baseball) s/he throws slow pitch
s/he has slow ways, is always moving slowly or lethargically
it sounds slow; (song, melody, rhythm) it is slow
slow, slowly
s/he slows self down, drags feet (intentionally)
s/he is slow, takes more time than necessary, dawdles
s/he is slow by nature, is unhurried (in moving, in reacting, etc.)
s/he thinks of it as being slow (when looking at it)
s/he is slow in understanding, is dunce
s/he thinks of h/ as being slow (when looking at h/)
(clock, watch) it is slow, it runs slow
s/he, it is slow
(task, movement) it is slow
s/he slows it down
s/he slows self down (intentionally)
s/he is slow (in getting work done, etc.)
s/he slows it down, retards it
person who is slow to understand
person who is slow to understand