Entry Definition
(female dog) she goes into heat
it buckles due to heat
the heat of h/ body comes through
its heat penetrates; heat penetrates it
s/he warmed or heated it, can warm or heat it (interior space: house, car, etc.)
s/he heats it (water); s/he dulls it (ax, knife blade)
s/he heats something belonging to h/ (water)
it gives off a lot of heat
heat comes in
s/he heats water
it starts to heat up or get hot
(animal) s/he looks as if s/he is in heat or rutting
(animal) she is in heat; he is rutting
it is burned out of shape, is deformed by heat
(animal) s/he is in heat
(heat) it goes (comes) out; heat goes (comes) out of it
heat rises there
s/he heats it too hot (water or other liquid)