Entry Definition
s/he talks constantly, s/he talks and talks; (imperative and absentative forms) s/he shuts up, stops talking
(fire, flame, lamp) it goes out, it shuts off (all at once, as opposed to dying out gradually)
s/he shuts it, closes it
s/he shuts something belonging to h/
s/he shuts it for h/
s/he ties h/ shut, buttons h/ up
s/he ties it shut, buttons it up
s/he ties it shut, ties it up
s/he shuts h/ in (with cloth, paper, etc.) by hitting (e.g., hammering)
s/he shuts it quickly, slams it (door, cover, damper, etc.)
s/he shuts it
s/he boards it shut; s/he shuts it by hammering, nailing, etc.
s/he holds h/ nose shut
s/he solders h/ shut, seals h/ with liquid substance
s/he solders it shut, seals it with liquid substance
s/he bangs it closed, slams it shut
s/he stitches it closed
s/he keeps it shut with force of body (e.g., leaning against door)
s/he makes h/ shut up (by scaring or reprimanding)
it is shut, is closed
(trap) it springs or snaps shut; (door, hatch cover, chest lid) it slams shut, closes with bang
it is boarded or nailed shut, is covered over by hammering
(water pipe, windpipe, nostril, etc.) s/he, it closes, becomes blocked, swells shut
tool that ties something shut (e.g., potato sack)
it slams shut