Entry Definition
it is difficult
(hidden, camouflaged, in fog) s/he is hard to see, is just barely visible
s/he has difficulty seeing h/; s/he looks at h/ indecently
it is difficult rocky stretch in river (i.e., hard to canoe through)
(sick person) s/he breathes with difficulty (sounds as if s/he has phlegm in throat)
it is difficult, it is hard to deal with
(log, sled) s/he, it is difficult to slide
s/he, it is hard to the touch; s/he, it is difficult
hard to the touch, firm, solid; sturdy, strong, tough; difficult
(ash log) s/he is difficult to pound successfully; (boxer) s/he is difficult to hit or knock out; (lender) s/he doesn't lend money easily
(wood) it is difficult to split
(tree, ash splint) h/ wood or grain is difficult to split
it is difficult to saw
(wood, log) it is difficult to saw (e.g., because it is full of knots, grain is dense or twisted)
s/he saws it with difficulty
s/he saws with difficulty something belonging to h/
s/he has difficulty catching h/ (ball)
it is difficult to carry, is unwieldy
it is difficult to split
it is cumbersome, is difficult to get a good grip on
(food, recipe) it is difficult to cook
hard or difficult language
it is hard to do, is difficult
difficult, hard, severe
it is difficult to make or do