Entry Definition
their beds are made up in opposite directions (see example)
(dog, cat) h/ bed; (animal) h/ sleeping place
s/he knocks h/ down, knocks h/ over; s/he fells h/, chops h/ down (tree); (figuratively) s/he sends h/ to bed
s/he made bed for self, can make bed for self
s/he has lain down, can lie down; s/he is already in bed
s/he makes bed for self where it is in the way of others
s/he likes very much to be in bed
s/he puts h/ to sleep, puts h/ to bed
underneath the bed
railroad; road bed for railroad tracks
s/he goes to sleep early, goes to bed early
s/he shares bed with h/ (so that person won't have to sleep alone)
s/he sleeps in same house with h/, shares bed with h/ (to keep h/ from having to sleep alone)
s/he goes there (comes here) to sleep; s/he goes to bed
s/he takes it to bed, goes to bed with it
on floor, on ground; on bed of river, ocean, lake
s/he is making bed for self
dog bed, cat bed; place animal makes to sleep in
spawning bed (hollow place in stream bed where fish lay eggs)
s/he shares bed (with someone)
s/he sleeps in same bed with h/
s/he sleeps with h/, shares bed with h/
(logs, rugs, etc.) they are nicely arranged or piled; (people) they are in bed, they go to bed
s/he has gone to bed