Entry Definition
s/he covers h/ eyes, s/he blindfolds h/
s/he covers it (window, clock, eye, face, etc.)
h/ windows are covered (with something put over them by hand, e.g., sheet, blanket)
it grows so as to cover (e.g., spreading plant)
s/he has eye(s) covered, is blindfolded; s/he is wearing veil
they support each other side by side, give courage to each other; (military) they cover each other by patrolling, watch out for each other
s/he has one eye covered with patch or bandage; (as name of person in oral tradition; see examples) Lucky
s/he covers it with something
s/he closes it by covering it with cloth, paper, etc. tied in place
s/he uses it as curtain or window shade; s/he covers it using cloth, paper, etc.
s/he covers it (with cloth, paper, etc.) by nailing something on it
s/he covers something belonging to h/ with cloth, paper, etc. by hitting
s/he covers it up, plugs it up (hole)
s/he covers h/ mouth with hand(s)
it is covered with cloth, paper, etc; (figuratively, singular only, ii) she is menstruating
s/he covers (something) with cloth; s/he closes curtain(s), pulls down window shade(s)
h/ windows are all covered over
(bottle, box, basket) lid, cover; (automobile) hood; (in stream or river) dam
it is boarded or nailed shut, is covered over by hammering
it is boarded up
s/he covers up or sheathes by hammering (e.g., tacks cloth over window, nails tarpaper over hole in roof)
s/he covers h/ with soil or sand; s/he banks h/ (e.g., plant)
s/he covers it with soil or sand; s/he banks it (e.g., plant, house)
s/he covers self with soil or sand
s/he covers h/ up with cloth, paper, etc.