Entry Definition
s/he stops swearing at h/
s/he talks dirty, uses foul language
s/he habitually talks dirty, uses foul language, swears
s/he swears at h/
s/he blasphemes, swears, curses
s/he swears all the time
swearing, cursing; blasphemy
s/he administers oath to h/, swears h/ in
s/he swears to it, swears to truth of it; s/he certifies it, s/he confirms it
s/he promises, swears, pledges, certifies; s/he takes oath, swears to tell truth
s/he takes or swears oath; promises to tell truth
s/he is always swearing at people, always giving hell to someone
(person's usual way of talking) s/he speaks angrily; s/he swears a lot
s/he habitually uses strong language