Entry Definition
s/he stops smoking, quits smoking
(conjunct forms only) s/he smokes continuously, is chain smoker
s/he smokes secretly, hides to smoke
s/he smoked, can smoke (tobacco)
(isolated house) it looks lonely with smoke coming from the chimney
s/he smokes with pipe stem (cigar, etc.) held firmly between teeth or lips, smokes with cigarette dangling from lip
s/he smokes secretly
s/he wants to smoke, is going to smoke
s/he is making smoke for smudging, is burning incense
s/he smudges, burns incense; smoke is coming out of chimney of h/ house
s/he smokes in public, smokes openly
smoke rises straight up
s/he makes h/ cough by smoking
s/he coughs from smoke, fumes, etc.
one who preserves meat or fish by smoking
(fire) it smokes slightly, it smolders
s/he makes h/ choke on smoke
s/he chokes, gets dizzy and sick from inhaling smoke
s/he makes h/ choke by giving h/ something to smoke
(smoke, mist, fog) it is thick; (place, atmosphere) it is dark with smoke or mist or fog
h/ chimney is smoking
s/he smokes (meat, fish, etc.)
s/he smokes h/ (salmon, cod, etc.)
s/he smokes it (meat, fish, etc.)