Entry Definition
s/he keeps giving self medicine; (figuratively) keeps sipping alcohol to make self feel better
s/he stops drinking (especially, discontinues use of alcohol)
s/he makes h/ pass out by giving h/ too much to drink (usually, alcohol)
s/he sneaks a drink (alcohol); s/he sells or serves alcoholic beverages illegally (including to underage drinkers), s/he is bootlegger
s/he drinks alcoholic beverage
drinking (of alcoholic beverages)
(drink, beverage) it is very strong in alcohol content
s/he serves or sells alcoholic beverages
s/he plunges in all at once; (figuratively, for alcoholic beverages) s/he drinks greedily, guzzles, soaks self in liquor
s/he wrings h/ out, gets the water out of h/; s/he dries h/ out (i.e., helps h/ recover from alcohol addiction)
lotion, liniment, rubbing alcohol
lotion, liniment, rubbing alcohol
s/he drinks alcoholic beverages often, s/he is a drunk or drunkard