Entry Definition
s/he closes or lowers it (curtain, blind)
s/he lowers it briefly
s/he lowers it with mechanical device
s/he lowers it (eye)
s/he discounts it, lowers price of it
s/he lowers it, moves it to lower position
s/he lowers something belonging to h/
s/he charges lower prices
s/he lowers it quickly (e.g., gun); s/he repositions it quickly downward (usually, with undesirable result; e.g., deflecting gun when pulling trigger)
down, downward; down to lower position
s/he dims it, turns it down or lowers it (light); s/he shines it on something lower down
s/he lowers it or pulls it down with mechanical device; s/he turns its volume down (radio, etc.)
s/he lowers it for h/, lowers something belonging to h/; s/he lowers the volume of something belonging to h/ (radio, etc.)
s/he, it costs little, is bargain; h/, its price is low or has been lowered
s/he pulls it down, lowers it (curtain, veil, etc.)
s/he lowers shade or curtain or blind (to cover window, etc.)
s/he lowers shade or curtain or blind for h/ (to cover window, etc.)
(in bargaining) s/he easily gets h/ to lower price, easily gets the advantage on h/ in bargaining
s/he lowers h/, gets h/ down
s/he lowers it