Entry Definition
s/he keeps swinging, keeps rocking back and forth
they (two) face each other swinging or rocking back and forth (e.g., in rocking chairs)
s/he, it hangs swinging
rocking chair, swing
s/he, it swings back and forth, oscillates
(ai) s/he is dizzy, gets dizzy; (ai & ii) s/he, it swings around
rocking chair, swing; hanging cradle (for baby)
s/he, it swings, rocks back and forth
s/he takes chance on hitting h/; (baseball) s/he takes wild swing at h/ (ball)
(person, animal) s/he is rocking (e.g., in chair), is swinging (e.g., on playground swing, in hammock); (object) s/he, it is swinging, is rocking back and forth
(rope, wire, grass, etc.) s/he, it dangling, is hanging, is swinging
s/he likes to swing or rock back and forth
s/he twirls or swings it around
s/he twirls or swings around something belonging to h/
s/he, it swings well