Entry Definition
cord that closes curtains or the slats of a window blind
s/he closes the curtains (window shade, blind, etc.)
window shade, curtain, drape, blind
window shade, curtain, canopy; (in general) covering
pull-cord that opens curtains; cord that opens slats of blinds, unlatches door, etc.
curtains that close by being pulled together
s/he uses it as curtain or window shade; s/he covers it using cloth, paper, etc.
s/he covers (something) with cloth; s/he closes curtain(s), pulls down window shade(s)
(curtain, shade, cloth) window-covering
window shade, curtain, door covering
s/he lowers shade or curtain or blind (to cover window, etc.)
s/he lowers shade or curtain or blind for h/ (to cover window, etc.)
s/he opens up the curtains
(person at home) h/ curtains are open