Entry Definition
chewing gum
s/he gives h/ chewing tobacco
s/he chews, s/he holds something with teeth
gum, chewing tobacco, etc.; anything chewed in mouth
s/he chews gum
s/he bites into it while chewing (e.g., fish bone)
s/he chews with crunching sound; s/he munches
it is heard being chewed (but is not seen)
s/he is heard chewing it (but is not seen)
s/he crushes with teeth (e.g., chews nuts or potato chips)
s/he crushes it with teeth, chews it into small bits
s/he chews
s/he chews it (food, etc.)
s/he chews h/ (gum)
s/he chews it
s/he chews it
s/he chews or gnaws it (bone)
s/he is chewing h/ (gum)
s/he can chew it, can just barely chew it
s/he can chew h/ (something bony)
s/he is chewing gum
(dog, etc.) s/he is chewing bone
s/he bites or chews h/ ear off
s/he chews it apart (something soft, e.g., gristle)
s/he likes to chew h/, chews h/ frequently (gum)