Entry Definition
s/he keeps talking, keeps telling story or stories
s/he keeps talking, keeps speaking
s/he keeps talking to h/
s/he keeps talking to it (microphone, etc.)
s/he keeps on talking, keeps on repeating self
s/he talks, tells story, reports news
s/he talks elegantly, speaks poetically
s/he talks loud, speaks in loud voice (when a quieter voice is more appropriate, as in church or in conversation about private matters)
s/he talks loudly to h/, yells at h/
s/he talks constantly, s/he talks and talks; (imperative and absentative forms) s/he shuts up, stops talking
s/he stops talking
(person blathering) s/he finally stops talking
they talk back and forth, they communicate
s/he talks big, talks loud
s/he talked or spoke, can talk or speak
s/he talks idly all the time, blathers (habitually)
s/he lies, talks idly, blathers
s/he speaks to self, talks to self
s/he starts to talk, starts to speak
s/he talks h/ into it; s/he arouses h/ sexually by talking
s/he finishes talking to h/, ends conversation with h/
s/he stops talking to it (e.g., microphone)
s/he talks to h/ slowly and deliberately
s/he talks to h/ slowly and deliberately
s/he talks quietly to h/, speaks slowly or calmly to h/