Entry Definition
s/he keeps hanging (there)
it hangs crooked, hangs at an angle
s/he hangs upside-down
s/he hangs upside-down
it hangs upside-down
s/he hangs on to h/ (e.g., by putting arms around h/ shoulders)
s/he hangs on to it
s/he hangs clothes over something to dry (without using clothespins)
s/he hangs
s/he, it hangs swinging
s/he hangs
(animate) clothesline; (inanimate) coat hanger, clothes tree, hook to hang something on
s/he hangs clothes to dry; (cormorant) s/he holds wings out to dry
s/he hangs h/, hangs h/ up
s/he hangs it
it is Christmas; there is exchanging of gifts
it hangs, hangs down, dangles
s/he hangs it
s/he hangs something up for h/; (Christmastime) s/he gives h/ gift
s/he hangs up something belonging to h/; s/he gives it to h/ as gift
s/he hung h/, can hang h/; (hangman) s/he hanged h/
s/he hung it, can hang it
(car) it is stuck or hung up in snow (e.g., wheels move freely but chassis is stuck on the snow)
s/he has finished hanging clothes to dry
s/he hangs it up in various ways (e.g., trying to find right place on wall for picture)