Entry Definition
s/he keeps laughing, laughs repeatedly
s/he keeps on laughing
s/he laughs loud
s/he laughs silently or secretly, laughs to self
s/he smiles or laughs thus
s/he laughs all the time, laughs constantly
s/he laughs loud, laughs heartily
s/he is heard laughing (but is not seen)
s/he is laughing at h/, is making fun of h/
s/he bursts from laughing
s/he soils self from laughing
s/he laughs so hard that s/he cries
s/he makes people laugh, is comedian
s/he laughs very hard
s/he laughs easily
s/he urinates from laughing, wets self by laughing
s/he is always making people laugh
s/he is laughing, is smiling
s/he wakes up laughing
s/he laughs so hard
s/he teases h/ playfully or laughs at h/ (e.g., cute child)
s/he is jolly, laughs a lot
s/he likes to laugh
s/he goes around laughing