Entry Definition
they split into two teams, they form two teams
(tree) h/ wood splits straight
(tree, ash splint) h/ wood is easily split or easily separated into splints (for use in basketmaking, etc.)
s/he weaves h/ through the split stander
(basketmaking) s/he weaves through the split made in a stander
(basketmaking) stander that is split in two to make an odd number of standers in total (so as to ensure correct weaving pattern)
s/he splits something (e.g., basket hoop, barrel hoop) by following grain; s/he starts something growing (e.g., home-brew mixture)
(splint, wood, pole) s/he, it splits along the grain, splits straight
(tree) h/ wood splits poorly (e.g., because grain is twisted)
s/he splits it for kindling
s/he splits kindling
s/he splits h/ along grain using tool (e.g., white ash)
s/he splits it along grain using tool (e.g., board)
s/he grows h/, raises h/; s/he splits h/ along grain (wood)
s/he grows it; s/he splits it along grain (wood)
s/he grows or raises it for h/; s/he splits something belonging to h/ (e.g., hoop-pole) along the grain
s/he rips h/, tears h/, splits h/ (clothing, carpet)
(clothing, cloth, paper) s/he rips it, tears it, splits it
s/he bursts from laughing
s/he splits h/ lip by kicking h/
scrap left from chopping or splitting wood, wood chip
(basketmaking) s/he splits h/ (basket ash) into thinner layers along grain
(ii; e.g., spruce root) it splits along grain; (ai; e.g., ash splint used in basketmaking) s/he splits along the grain into thinner layers; (ai; person) s/he splits ash splint(s) into thinner layers
s/he splits it (e.g., spruce root) along grain
s/he splits something belonging to h/ along the grain