Entry Definition
s/he crams it full, stuffs it by force
(fruit, etc. in quantity) s/he half fills (something); (container) s/he is half full of berries, apples, nuts, etc.
s/he, it is half full of liquid
(car, bus, dance hall, stadium) it is crowded, crammed full
(moon) s/he has become full, has become a full circle
s/he eats to heart's content, eats until full
s/he has eaten enough; s/he is full
s/he stuffs it full (with something soft)
s/he stuffs it full (with something soft) using tool
(moon) s/he is full
(container) s/he is full with berries, apples, nuts, etc.
full, fully; thoroughly; throughout, all over, everywhere
s/he eats until full
it looks full
s/he has complete or absolute authority
s/he talks with mouth full
(container) s/he is full
s/he, it is full of liquid
it is full
(moon) s/he is full
(room, house, forest, etc.) it is full of smoke