Entry Definition
(body of water) it is transparent, is clear
(sky) it is clearing up, is going to clear
clear sky, blue sky
the sky clears
(sky) it clears
(weather, sky) it clears fast
s/he does something that indicates or signifies that the sky will clear
(in winter) there is clearing weather
(weather) it clears suddenly (e.g., after rainshower)
s/he clears land, deforests; clears land of high grass
the first light of day appears; (weather) it is starting to clear off, blue sky appears
s/he fixes it, corrects it; s/he clears it (table); s/he makes it (bed); s/he likes to use it
s/he cleans or tidies it; s/he straightens it up (e.g., arranges objects on table, floor, etc.); s/he clears it (table)
(body of water) it is perfectly clear
s/he clears throat
(water) it is clear, it is transparent